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It is always discovered by organizations that there are significant discrepancies in the information furnished by prospective employees. It is common practices where corporates often recruit employees on the basis of their resumes without having any chance to cross check the credentials. The trend of fraudulent cases while obtaining the job opportunity is increasing day by day. It is in later course that discrepancies surface but by then the organization may have lost significant time and money. Needless to say, verification of credentials is the need of the hour and is recognized by professional organizations.

Pre-employment screening refers to the process of investigating the background of prospective employees and is used to verify the authenticity and accuracy of an applicant's claims as well as to uncover areas of ambiguity.

Whether you are a Fortune 500 organization or a small business enterprise, offers intelligent, authentic and smart background verification solutions that enable you to hire the right people.

Do you know?
What happens if we DON’T verify?
  • Adverse effect on the brand image and reputation of the company
  • Waste of time and money because of recruitment of wrong people
  • Lower than expected performance from the wrongly recruited staff
  • Confidential, sensitive information may leak
  • Threat to confidential data security
  • Physical threat to people and property
  • Organization may become vulnerable to fraud and crime
  • Quality of products & services may be compromised
  • High mental stress to management and department heads
  • Customer services and relations may be jeopardized
  • May lead to unhealthy work culture
  • Low team morale
  • Shareholders’ faith may be shaken
  • Legal issues may arise
  • Instability in business

To avoid this..... Verify credentials ....
Background Verification Benefits
  • • Mitigate your risk
  • • Maximize your revenues
  • • Optimize your processes
  • • Get peace of mind
  • • More productive and safe
  • workplace
  • • Increase in quality, credibility
  • and brand image

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