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Your family safety and peace of mind is your right.

It is also your responsibility. You need to take that first vital step to protect your well being. So now, you don’t have to take a stranger’s word at face value. We have a professional system in place that will assess the truth behind their word. Every time you become vulnerable to an unknown person in day to day matters, you can verify them on different levels and only then decide to associate with them.

For individual Clients our range of services includes background verification for a wide variety of situations.

Wedding bells or alarm bell? Know who you are marrying.

It is not uncommon to find single men and women finding their life partners through on line matrimonial sites. But then frauds, domestic violence and divorces that follow a poorly investigated alliance are not uncommon either! Even alliances that culminate through indirect references may not reveal the correct information.

We can dig out the personal, professional and financial details of the person you intend to make an integral part of your life.
  • Protect yourself from being cheated
  • Preserve your self esteem and peace of mind
  • Save yourself from mental trauma
  • Prevent the trauma of divorce proceedings later
  • Prevent a huge waste of time & money

Be sure about who drives you around. Or your safety could take a back seat.

You are not only entrusting your vehicle but also your life to the driver. He is one person who gets to know your routine and movement minutely. He knows your social circle and he knows where and when your kids go to school. Needless to say you must be sure he harbors no ulterior motives.

We can find out for you if he possesses a valid driver’s license, if he has any accident record and even if he has a drug or drinking problem. Apart from this a check on his residence, character and family background.

Your little one has a right to genuine care. Is she in the right hands?

This is without doubt an area with zero tolerance for ambiguity. There have been several cases of ill treatment and abuse to helpless little ones by the caretakers themselves and have caused unimaginable trauma to the family. Make doubly sure your child is in absolutely safe hands when you are not around.

We can get to the root of the very existence of the person you are hiring as a nanny – including her family and health background, previous employment, references, behavior and character history, so that your child’s well being is notthreatened.

Home Rentals
Did you know the house you have rented out could bea bomb making factory?

Farfetched as it may sound, we all know that some of the terrorist bomb blasts in the past were the result of some nondescript individuals living as tenants in a nondescript flat which they used to assemble bombs and to carry out their devious plans!

That apart, it is always good to be sure who your tenants are and what they are up to, not only for your own safety but for that of the neighbourhood and society in general too.
  • Prevent illegal activities in your rented premises
  • Protect your property from damage
  • Protect from non payment of rent
  • Prevent social nuisance arising out of insensitive behavior of the tenants
  • Avoid jeopardizing your relations with the community because of tenants

Security Guards
Are they watching your property or eyeing it?

Be sure whose side the guard is on, before you give them a weapon and declare them responsible for your security. There is no estimation of the damage that can be caused if the very guard you hired is not on your team.He knows every detail of your premises, your routine and movements which makes it imperative to be sure about his character and tendencies. Trust us to uncover every detail of his past and present to help you feel secure about security!

Cleaning Services and Domestic Help
Make sure they clean your premises, not your safe!

You let them inside your premises and often even give them the key to your home, to do the household chores when you are away. They know your routine, habits and the nooks and corners of the house. Do not risk your valuables and personal safety by turning a blind eye to even the most minor detail about them. And to find out what those details could be, you can rely on our thorough scrutiny.

Service Providers (Plumber, Electrician etc.)
Overalls don’t make a plumber or electrician.

Verify who enters your home.

You might take their word for it simply because there is no one else to refute it. But every time you allow a plumber, electrician, painter or gardener into your home, you are risking your property and life to a perfect stranger. You would normally have so little information about them that in case they leave your house with valuables, they would also leave you with no clue as to how to trace them!

Insist on hiring the services of persons with a proven and clean record. Who will give you that? We will, of course.

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