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Residential Address Verification
Are you dealing with an imposter?
Our well trained field executives visit present and permanent address of the candidate personally and ensures that the residential information provided by the candidate is authentic.

Character Reference Verification
How can you be sure of your candidate’s character?
We provide feedback about candidate’s character, credentials, integrity, skills, strengths & weaknesses by speaking to the references provided.

Employment Record Verification
Make sure you hire honest and right candidate to ensure a sound hiring decision
We check the validity of information provided by the candidate with respect to his/her previous employment records. Many a times we come across to the false information in their resume. By contacting the human resource department of previous employers we verify the following parameters:
Tenure of employment
Reason for leaving
Eligibility of rehiring

Academic Record Verification
Safeguard yourself from applicants who submit fake academic records
We contact universities, colleges and educational institutions and obtain accurate academic records to make sure that the information submitted is not fake.

Criminal Record Verification
What if the person your company wants is ‘wanted’?
We check any past criminal activities or convictions of the candidate, by contacting concern police stations under the given addresses.

Court Record Verification
Make sure candidates court records are not harmful to your business
We check court records (high court, district court and sessions court) to know whether there have been any impending complaints or cases against the candidate.

Database Search
Is your candidate on Global watchlist?
We search against Indian and Global database to verify if candidate is connected to terrorism, organized crime or global watch list.

Medical Tests/Drug Test
Is your candidate high on competence or contraband?
We have tie-ups with reputed laboratories across India for pre-employment medical check-ups and 5/7/10 panel drug tests. We test for drug abuse from amphetamines, barbiturates, cocaine, morphine, marijuana, opiates etc.

ID Verification
Is the person is same?
We verify the information provided by the candidate for authenticity of Identity documents like PAN card, Aadhar Card, Passport or Driving license.

Social Network, Media & Online Search
Are you ignoring online risky behavior?

Our deep web search technology ensures that millions of sites and social networks are searched to provide a 360-degree view of a candidate’s true reputation and online presence.

Social media background verification is done to see if an applicant or employee may be currently engaging in risky behaviors. We searches to what's publicly available information on social networking websites like Facebook, Linked, blogs, wikis, video and picture sharing websites, etc.

We identify questionable online activities that may pose a greater risk to your organization.

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