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Is your employee costing your company much more than money?

Engaging the wrong people not only costs the company in terms of money but also efficiency, team morale and even reputation. Whether it is employees, vendors, suppliers or service providers, be sure to hire only the right human resources.

We cover the entire gamut. Here are the levels across which we offer our background verification services.

All Employees
Blue, white or gold collar, you deserve 24 carat integrity from your employees.

From CNC operators to managers to vice presidents to CEO you are on constant lookout for the best talent in the industry. These are the people who become privy to some of your most vital functions and data. And then one day you realize that the person you thought was working for the company’s goals actually has his own hidden agenda!

We can delve into the facts as regards the educational qualification, employment history, past remuneration, character and several other aspects which could help you to take the right person on-board.

Contractual staff verification
Temporary staff or permanent damage?

Don’t take contractual staff casually. Whether it is the accountant, trainee or security personnel, wrong people may leave after their short tenure making a permanent dent to your company.Cross check to confirm that reality matches their resumes and claims. Needless to say, we can do it for you.

Contractor or conspirator?

Very often contractors are finalized on the basis of their sample work and quotation. However first hand experience may reveal inefficiency, sub standard quality of work and cost overruns not to mention abrupt abandonment of work! A professional set up like yours has a right to professional service. Thoroughly examine the credentials of your prospective contractors and save yourself financial losses and mental stress.

Vendors / Suppliers
Supplier or just liar?

Unless you know your supplier minutely, you are likely to be disillusioned. Delay in delivery, sub standard product, unsatisfactory service from vendors are a common phenomenon and may go on to hamper your own processes and quality. We can give you a detailed report on your suppliers’ market reputation, financial status and other credentials.

Be smart. Be informed.

Service Providers
How will you make sure your service provider is reliable?

Unfortunately, professionalism is not part of everybody’s work culture. Cases of incompetent service, lack of accountability, poor customer care are aplenty and one is often sorry to engage service providers merely on the basis of sales talk and a few marketing pamphlets. Whether it is internet service, catering, housekeeping or insurance, be sure your service provider is totally accountable. An analysis of his track record will help you decide.

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